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Industrial designer

Eltec , an Element Group company , is recruiting several key positions as we expand our manufacturing footprint and increase our employment base.

Eltec is a Quebec manufacturing success, based in Val d’Or, Quebec. We will soon be celebrating our 10th anniversary with a significant investment in our manufacturing facilities and the people who build our forest harvesting equipment.

Interested candidates should apply by sending their CV directly to our President, Patrick Element: pelement@tecelement.com

Job Description

  • Solve problems related to industrial design, take readings and interpret measurements and determine tolerances;
  • Develop the skills essential to understanding mechanical manufacturing such as:
    • Interpret technical information concerning materials and manufacturing processes
    • Representing connected devices, transmission devices and the arrangement and movement of the parts of a mechanism
  • Develop the skills necessary for the interpretation, production and correction of drawings in order to produce sketches, to use the appropriate software and a computerized workstation, to produce detail drawings of parts, mechanical systems, from a mechanism, a machine frame, assembly drawings, development drawings and diagrams of industrial pipelines and circuits, to modeling a three-dimensional object and designing a simple technical object. 
  • As an industrial designer, he/she will assist engineers in the design of machines, devices or other objects that surround us by taking the idea developed by the engineer and putting it into plans.

The tasks:

  • Identify and define requests
  • Define and measure the parts, objects or mechanical assemblies or illustrate the design and manufacturing details of a part or a machine previously designed by an engineer
  • Draw the assemblies and sub-assemblies with the associated nomenclature
  • Determine and calculate the functional, physical, dimensional, structural or geometric constraints of the parts
  • Take into account design changes, keep the definition file up to date

Required skills

  • Reading and interpretation of plans
  • Apprehension of shapes and volumes in space
  • Knowledge of technologies in mechanics and materials
  • General knowledge of hydraulics, electricity, pneumatics
  • Mastery of CAD, CAO, DAO tools (design and drawing assisted on computer)

We are willing and able to train people who demonstrate a willingness to learn and increase their skills.

What we offer

  • salary competitive
  • full Insurance plan
  • Employer contributions for retirement savings plan
  • Favorable work schedule

Interested candidates should send their CV directly to Patrick Element: pelement@tecelement.com

Publishing date
September 27, 2023
Job type
Full time
Job Location

1117, rue des Manufacturiers
Val-d’Or, Québec J9P 6Y7

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